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Champion Public Broadcasting – Making the case for CBC / Radio-Canada


Kam Rao, Canadian Media Guild campaign coordinator
Kam Rao, Canadian Media Guild campaign coordinator

What can we do to ensure a strong future for CBC?

The single most important thing any one of us can do is have a conversation about the value of public broadcasting. And then have another one, and another one after that.

Public broadcasting is about the kind of country we want to live in – it’s about the kinds of communities we want to build together. It’s about values and priorities. Continue reading Champion Public Broadcasting – Making the case for CBC / Radio-Canada

Rallies for the CBC

Sunday, November 16, 2014Montreal Rally8


CBC/Radio-Canada supporters gathered in Montreal, Matane, Sept-Îles, Quebec City, Saguenay, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières, Rimouski, Gaspé and Moncton in New Brunswick to protest against deep cuts and job losses at the Crown corporation.

Montreal Rally9

A sea of blue flags emblazoned with the CBC logo – also known as the B2k34Z5IQAEYMPoCBC pizza – rolled down René-Lévesque Boulevard in Montreal Sunday afternoon.

The protests across Quebec and in Moncton were organized by CBC/Radio-Canada’s main unions for the French-language service, along with other supporters operating under the banner Tous Amis de Radio-Canada (Friends of CBC.)

Protesters assembled at Montreal’s Square-Victoria and headed to the CBC headquarters in Quebec, Maison Radio-Canada, where organizers decried the cuts to Canada’s public broadcaster.

Below are news stories written about the Montreal rally.






1117 city manifCBC

Montreal Rally10

CBC – Enough is enough, a first-person account

Retired Radio-Canada journalist Pierre-Léon Lafrance published the following article, in French, in the Lambert Express, a local community newspaper in the Montréal. region. (Translated by Gérard Malo, national vice-chair of CWA/ Canada Retirees Council.)


After enduring countless painful stomach cramps while doing long and hard thinking, I will do here what I’ve never done during a 40-year-long career in journalism. I will speak in the first person

Pierre-Léon Lafrance
Pierre-Léon Lafrance

to publicly discuss the situation at Radio-Canada/CBC. I have spent 37 years at Radio-Canada as a local journalist, parliamentary and international correspondent, columnist, and with Radio-Canada International, as Chief Editor.

As we know, our national public broadcaster is now in the eye of the storm, and will come out of it seriously disfigured and wounded to the core. Many things have been said in the last few months about the long series of budgetary cutbacks at Radio-Canada/CBC. It all began, let’s not forget in the 1980s under the Brian Mulroney government. But I will focus on  three points : Public service, the shift to digital media, and what happens next. Continue reading CBC – Enough is enough, a first-person account

I sat down by the CBC and wept


I sat down by the CBC and wept was originally published in the The Telegram in St. John’s, Newfoundland, on Saturday, June 28th.

The author, Marie Wadden, is a St. John’s award-winning broadcaster and producer.  She worked for the CBC for 37 years. Her last day on the job was Monday, June 30, 2014.

You can read her article by clicking here I sat down by the CBC and wept

Marie is  a member of the CWA  Canada Retirees Council.

I’ll march for the CBC … but not at any cost


The Canadian Media Guild is encouraging Canadians to write their Member of Parliament asking  to commit to make the CBC strong again. The CMG would like its members to send the following letter to their MP and share it within their community – 


But not everyone is ready to jump in. After much soul searching retired CBC broadcaster Terry Ledrew of Pasadena, NL had this to say:

Continue reading I’ll march for the CBC … but not at any cost

Reflections of a retired journalist reborn as a social-democrat activist

                                            By Gérard Malo

Gérard Malo
Gérard Malo

I have been aware and concerned about democratic and social-justice values ever since I first voted, a very long time ago. It was in the 1966 Québec provincial election. I’ve been defining myself as a “social democrat” since my young-adult years, which saw me canvassing for a then new Québec political party where most progressive people could be found. Of course in 1976, when I became a broadcast journalist, I had to end my involvement in partisan politics. But throughout my 37 working  years, 33 at Radio-Canada, I would dream about getting back into active politics once I retired. Well, the dream finally came true on Aug. 2, 2012, the day after I officially retired from CBC/Radio-Canada. That is when I first joined the New Democratic Party.

Continue reading Reflections of a retired journalist reborn as a social-democrat activist

CBC cuts: This is not just about the money. The issue is parliamentary sovereignty

By Robert Peladeau

Bob Peladeau

Oh boy – the CBC cuts ! Don’t get me started folks

I have served on the on the CMG advocacy committee for seven years , analyzing the situation and trying to help the CBC become what it can be – a public broadcaster for all Canadians.

Please allow me a few political facts for a broader perspective  on this week’s axe swinging.

Continue reading CBC cuts: This is not just about the money. The issue is parliamentary sovereignty

Death by a thousand cuts

By Terry Ledrew
In  my 33-year stint at the CBC I managed to survive at least a dozen cuts, down-sizings or re-visioning. And the survivors were all led to believe, every time, that THIS one, was the fix. The attrition war to end all attrition wars.


Terry Ledrew
Terry Ledrew

Yesterday’s news about the latest round of deep cuts has left me thinking about what it must be like for those  still working for the public broadcaster. I could be off-base here, but I can’t recall any other workforce that has had to live with such uncertainty for so long.

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