Death by a thousand cuts

By Terry Ledrew
In  my 33-year stint at the CBC I managed to survive at least a dozen cuts, down-sizings or re-visioning. And the survivors were all led to believe, every time, that THIS one, was the fix. The attrition war to end all attrition wars.


Terry Ledrew
Terry Ledrew

Yesterday’s news about the latest round of deep cuts has left me thinking about what it must be like for those  still working for the public broadcaster. I could be off-base here, but I can’t recall any other workforce that has had to live with such uncertainty for so long.

The fix hasn’t happened. And it isn’t all about cuts in funding, it is at least in part about a serious flaw in the culture at the top. Of losing its religion.

What’s ahead?  The impact on the workforce, living with the axe constantly swinging. What’s that like?

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And perhaps more importantly, how will it affect the recruitment, attracting and retaining the solid journalists the public broadcaster needs if it’s to be a credible voice in the national discourse.

What do  other CBC veterans think about this? Retirees with a more intimate knowledge of the inner-workings at the top.
Let’s discuss this. It’s too important to keep silent on something that affects all Canadians, not just CBC employees.

Terry Ledrew worked as a news reporter at CBC Newfoundland.