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Sex After 60 – What am I missing?

Terry Ledrew
Terry Ledrew

So, I’m at Dr. Electra’s office.
More to keep on her roster than anything else.
If you live in rural Canada you know that finding a doctor is as hard as finding a lover.
Dr. Electra is a keener. Wants to do all those tests and poking about that I studiously avoid.

My philosophy is, if you drive a ’53 Ford to the garage for a 53Ford01diagnostic, chances are pretty good something needs fixing.
So if its drivable … why bother?
The doctor, who is about the same age as my son, is prodding about. I wince a bit and try to think of England. Continue reading Sex After 60 – What am I missing?

Meet Jack Wilson

Alberta retiree Jack Wilson is a member of our executive and working committee. Let’s let Jack tell us why he joined the Council.

I have been a member of the Communications Workers of Alberta Local 30400 since I helped organize the Wall to Wall chapter at the daily Red Deer Advocate in 1992. At the time the unit had more than 150 members but has been eroded to about 105.

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Media retirees stay connected

By Terry LeDrew

My union was always there for me, from early days of NABET, to the CMG today. My one regret is having waited 25 years before I mustered the guts to run as VP locally, then for national director of small stations. My time in that position was the happiest and most fulfilling experience I’d had with CBC.

So last weekend (CWA Canada retirees founding meeting) was like coming home.

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