Sex After 60 – What am I missing?

Terry Ledrew
Terry Ledrew

So, I’m at Dr. Electra’s office.
More to keep on her roster than anything else.
If you live in rural Canada you know that finding a doctor is as hard as finding a lover.
Dr. Electra is a keener. Wants to do all those tests and poking about that I studiously avoid.

My philosophy is, if you drive a ’53 Ford to the garage for a 53Ford01diagnostic, chances are pretty good something needs fixing.
So if its drivable … why bother?
The doctor, who is about the same age as my son, is prodding about. I wince a bit and try to think of England.
“A little tender … ?”
No shit.
So I throw her a line.
“Yeah … not a lot of traffic lately”.
She laughs, and says, that’s funny.
later that evening I recount this to my sister. She laughs, too.
Like. Hello?
Why is the notion of a 61 year old female having sex such a hilarious concept?
Maybe I’m missing something here.
I know I’m getting older.
I caught my reflection last week in a mirror next to the imagesBurt’s Bees display.
I looked … well, I LOOK , 61.
Other than that, and the doctor’s reminder that in fact, I am a senior citizen, I feel little has changed.
I resent assumptions that doors close simply because of age.
Including doors that lead to sex.
Does libido decrease? Of course, simple biology.
Does it disappear?
Only if we sell out.
Only if we buy into that ageist notion. Only if we succumb to permed blue rinses as our mothers did, succumb to the movie channel and sweat pants instead of remembering sweaty nights of a different sort.
We are encouraged to use our muscles … to stay fit and active.
I say, think about staying sexually fit.
Think about, remember, what sex was like for you.
… if it was good, then don’t let it go because you are 40, 50,60, and beyond.
Dr. Electra finishes up. She has to pick up her five-year old, then head to the gym.
She’s carrying maybe 30 extra pounds and too many patients.
I want to say I bet our generation’s sex life is better than your generation’s.
But I don’t.
In rural Canada, you need a family doctor as much as you need a sex life.