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Can a retiree take a vacation? Why not?



Just wrapping up two weeks on P.E.I. where I’ve been pondering this philosophical question: Can retired people ever be said to be “on vacation”?

It’s been a relaxing sojourn at the North Rustico summer home of a couple of Montreal friends, much of it spent stretched out on Muskoka chairs on the deck, reading, and watching the herons patiently fishing and the little lobster boats chugging by.

Winnie and I make it a habit to vacation after Labour Day to avoid the heat, humidity, high-season prices and tourist hordes of summer. Continue reading Can a retiree take a vacation? Why not?

Sex After 60 – What am I missing?

Terry Ledrew
Terry Ledrew

So, I’m at Dr. Electra’s office.
More to keep on her roster than anything else.
If you live in rural Canada you know that finding a doctor is as hard as finding a lover.
Dr. Electra is a keener. Wants to do all those tests and poking about that I studiously avoid.

My philosophy is, if you drive a ’53 Ford to the garage for a 53Ford01diagnostic, chances are pretty good something needs fixing.
So if its drivable … why bother?
The doctor, who is about the same age as my son, is prodding about. I wince a bit and try to think of England. Continue reading Sex After 60 – What am I missing?

I sat down by the CBC and wept


I sat down by the CBC and wept was originally published in the The Telegram in St. John’s, Newfoundland, on Saturday, June 28th.

The author, Marie Wadden, is a St. John’s award-winning broadcaster and producer.  She worked for the CBC for 37 years. Her last day on the job was Monday, June 30, 2014.

You can read her article by clicking here I sat down by the CBC and wept

Marie is  a member of the CWA  Canada Retirees Council.

Meet Jack Wilson

Alberta retiree Jack Wilson is a member of our executive and working committee. Let’s let Jack tell us why he joined the Council.

I have been a member of the Communications Workers of Alberta Local 30400 since I helped organize the Wall to Wall chapter at the daily Red Deer Advocate in 1992. At the time the unit had more than 150 members but has been eroded to about 105.

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Talking About Us

Easing into retirement could be compared to moving to another country.

Matthew Radz has been easing into retirement since he quit working seven years ago after 40 years in the newspaper business. He was an editor and arts writer on half a dozen publications, including The Toronto RadzTelegram, the Montreal Star, Harrowsmith magazine and, since 1980, The Montreal Gazette. Post-retirement passions include nature/urban photography, long 19th-century novels, and he still dabbles in writing. He took time out from his busy retirement life to write this piece.

No visa or passport required, but there is the paperwork and the hundred and one details, to say nothing of the nagging questions. Will I have enough money to live on? – the most pressing and immediate.

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Retired Ottawa sportswriter off to hall of fame

“Tom Casey is just one of those guys – always a smile and always a friend,” says Tony Cote who worked with Casey.  Cote, who is also retired and is an executive member with the CWA Canada Retirees Council,  was an Action Line columnist with the Ottawa Citizen. Tom Casey“Heck, Casey even heard the call and joined the executive of the Ottawa Newspaper Guild in the 1980s,” says Cote, ” a welcome and valuable addition. As a journalist, you could always count on Casey to not only get the story but to get it right.Does he deserve his place in the Hall? Absolutely.” For the full Ottawa Citizen story  about Tom Casey  follow the link below: Tom Casey heading to hall

Retired journalist returns to labour roots

In his recent video, Made in the USA: Tim Hudak’s Plan to Cut Your Wages, retired journalist  Bill Gillespie exposes the truth about the Ontario Conservative leader’s right-to-work crusade.

Even though Hudak is reported to have retreated from his crusade, workers are gearing up to take him on in the next provincial election.

Gillespie’s story was featured in a recent  CWeh! Canada newsletter.




Speak up

Speak Up

Hey Retirees!

What’s on your mind?

Care to share it with us?

It can be a rant.

An article.

An opinion piece.

An essay.

A life changing experience.

A cartoon.

A poem.

A song.

Make us think twice.

Make us smile.

Laugh out loud.

Or make us cry.

So write it down and share it with us and we’ll share it with everyone who drops by.

Go to our contact page, send us a message telling us what’s on your mind, and we’ll get back to you.

Can’t wait to hear from you.

Media retirees stay connected

By Terry LeDrew

My union was always there for me, from early days of NABET, to the CMG today. My one regret is having waited 25 years before I mustered the guts to run as VP locally, then for national director of small stations. My time in that position was the happiest and most fulfilling experience I’d had with CBC.

So last weekend (CWA Canada retirees founding meeting) was like coming home.

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Media-savvy retirees eager to fight for social justice

The CWA Canada Retirees Council was officially launched following a  day of spirited debate and discussion in a hotel boardroom in Toronto on November 2, 2013. The media-savvy activists from across the country, with decades of experience and time on their hands, were keen to get moving right away.

Gerry Jones,  elected as the Council’s executive chair, said they will now “be able to do more to support our brothers and sisters in defending things that re important to them, such as public broadcasting, journalism, union rights, pensions and benefits.

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