Are Ontario’s Tories backtracking?

Have Tim Hudak’s Ontario Tories backed down from their attack on organized labour in Ontario? After not winning the by-election in Niagara Falls, the Ontario Tory leader told the Toronto Region Board of Trade that he and his party have no plans to implement their U.S. style right to work proposals. Does this mean they have seen the light and are finally listening to some of their own members who have expressed concern over the policy? No, says The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL).

At a meeting of with other Ontario union leaders, the OFL says the battle is not over. They say the Tories are still pushing policies such as forcing unions to compete for government contracts which could result in people who do the same job earning different salaries. Warning that once the Tory party is in power they would introduce laws like those in Wisconsin restricting public employee unions from bargaining over issues like pensions, health coverage and sick leave. Energized by their efforts in helping the NDP win the Niagara Falls by- election, The Ontario Federation of Labour is planning to take the fight province wide. Using the resources of its affiliates, it has developed  a strategy to reduce the number of its members who vote Tory and get all union members to vote on election day.

The five  step guide explains how the Ontario Conservatives’ plan would affect union members and their families and prepares  them for the anti union propaganda that will be unleashed during the election campaign and the part union members can play in the campaign.

The guide is available from

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